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Hi, I’m Sebastian!
I’m the head film-maker & owner of MotionCraft Creative Studios. I first developed my passion for film production from my love of nature, the outdoors and sports. This love for capturing imagery and sound from these natural settings has led me from Sydney’s beautiful Northern Beaches in Australia to Canada and now to Europe in search of new projects and experiences in which to immerse myself.
The ability to capture moments of beauty and joy during a wedding, the creativity of a digital marketing project or the raw energy and beauty of nature is what draws me to the art of filmmaking. I hold a degree in Commerce, majoring in Marketing and Management, and prior to launching my wedding film studio, I worked with one of the worlds fastest growing Surf, Skate & Fashion eCommerce Retailers in both the Australian and European markets. Working with this industry leading online retailer, I developed a good knowledge base and understanding of commercial branding, marketing, promotions and logistics.

However, the most important guidance for me, came not from any degree or education – it came in the words of a travelling wise man.  “Choose a life or passion, then base your career around that, rather than choose a career and base your life and passions around that.” Since launching my own wedding film business, this has been a constant motive for me and one which I believe has guided me to this point in my life – an intersection between wedding films, outdoor sports, nature, creative explorations and capturing beauty & motion. Pursue what you love. Take risks. Push your boundaries, and above all – have thirst for new experiences!

France Videographer

Have a browse of our wedding films & vignettes. If your keen to reflect the fun side of your wedding & steer clear of the traditional.. then we are keen to talk more!

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Sebastian a développé sa passion pour la production cinématographique grâce à son amour pour la nature, les activités extérieures et les sports extrêmes. Cet amour pour la capture du son et de l’image offerts par ces milieux naturels l’a conduit des belles plages d’Australie, à l’Europe, en quête de nouveaux projets et expériences.

Sebastian a un diplôme universitaire de commerce, et a acquis une expérience significative dans une entreprise australienne de vente de ma

Videaste de Mariage

tériel de surf sur internet. La rapide expansion de cette start-up lui donne une bonne base de

 connaissances des marchés Australiens et Européens.

Sebastian réalise alors l’importance de l’image de marque commerciale, du marketing et des promotions et passe de l’analyse des besoins des clients à la conception et la production audiovisuelle en s’attachant tout particulièrement à l’image de marque.

MotionCraft Creative – Wedding Video France, production de film, digital media, évènements, mariages, courts-métrages. Paris, Londres, Sud ouest France et l’Europe.